Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brooks Cascadia 7 Review

Best. Shoe. Ever. I have loved the Brooks Cascadia since the 4th edition. There is something about these shoes that makes them stand out. Maybe its the combination of simplicity and durability or maybe its the light weight, non-bulky-ness that allows you to be nimble on ANY type of trail. That is something a lot of trail running shoes cannot lay claim to. I have reviewed the cascadias before, here's my review of last years CASCADIA 6 REVIEW so you have idea of what the shoes were like before if you don't know...

This year Brooks brought back the classic outer-tread of earlier Cascadias... they changed it on the 6s. I was happy to see this. They also changed the center tread to a cleat style. That combo has created a very sticky feel on trails whether they are muddy or rocky. The 6s were great but not as great as the 4s and the 7s are a HUGE step up. Brooks seriously raised the bar this year. They also come equipped with a curved lacing system and meshy yet durable fabric that wraps your foot which yields a feeling of agility. Brooks kept their "pivot" point system which for turning on a dime at high speeds. And one of the best things about them, they still dry quickly after crossing a stream or stepping in a puddle.

I have thrown down some epic runs over the past few weeks in these guys and like I did on the 4s, I am already thinking about stock piling a couple pairs of these guys. Check 'em out and scoop a pair from BROOKS. or Support the Blog and use the link below!