Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lake Tahoe Marathon 2010

The LAKE TAHOE MARATHON has been on my list of "races-to-do" for a long time. Lake Tahoe is an exceptional place so naturally it would have an exceptional marathon! The fall is a great time to visit the lake and surrounding area. We were blessed with some unseasonably warm weather which was great for hanging out but a little tough for running. Les Wright, the Race Director has done an excellent job of assembling a slew of events that comprise the near week long event. There is everything an athlete will love from a 72 mile Ultramarathon to Speed Golf (The winner of which scored a 113 and finished 34 min). The winner of the 72 Miler, Oswlado Lopez, finished in 11:39:45. John Weru ('03 and '04 champ) won the standard Marathon in 2:59:50. Les and his associates have also done a great job at creating a fun and friendly race environment. This is definitely falls into the "marathoner's marathon" category. Unless you live in Tahoe or at a comparable altitude this is probably not the best place for a first race.  

I decided to run the Lake Tahoe Half instead of the full marathon this year because of my recent bout with Plantar Fasciitis (which btw, is healing nicely). I finished the half in 2hrs on the nose. Here's a pic of me on the big hill in the race dubbed, "Hill from Hell" (which is about 2 miles at a 4.5%) incline and me crossing the finish line.  
Having not trained at all in altitude (i live at sea level) and showing up just 24hrs before the race I felt okay about my time even though it was my slowest Half Marathon to date. The elevation at lake level is 6225'. The marathon winds around the lake, along some serious hills that take you up and down between 6225' and 6800'. Overall, the Lake Tahoe Marathon is a feel good race. The views are exceptional and the course is challenging. The race was well structured with plenty of aid stations and a great intimate expo where I was able to meet Dick Beardsley (of Duel in the Sun fame) and buy his book "Staying the Course" which I will be reading and reviewing on the blog soon. Here's a link MY LAKE TAHOE MARATHON GALLERY 2010. You can see what I ate for dinner the night before, the post marathon treats, a visit to Squaw Valley, and some great shots of the starting line and race. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Undefeated Running People! Listen up... Didn't qualify for the 2010 NYC MARATHON or get in through the lottery this year? Don't fret! Lottery's aren't easy to win and running Sub 3hr marathons aren't either... Here's your chance to gain entry to the 2010 NYC Marathon while helping inner city children enjoy their summer vacations! The FRESH AIR FUND needs you to do what you do and run... the 2010 NYC MARATHON. They will do what they do and help you to raise money through people sponsoring you for running 26.2 miles! Ideally, your families, friends, colleagues, x-girlfriends and x-boyfriends (or current ones), will find you and the FRESH AIR FUND a good cause to invest in. The Fresh Air Fund has been around since 1877 and over these years has given 1.7 million inner city children a brighter summer. They work with host families and Camps around the US and Canada to provide locations for children to experience a "real" summer vacation. Here's a link to the Fresh Air Fund's RUNNING TEAM page.

If you have never ran with a charity team it is definitely something that you should do every couple of years as a runner. Check out THIS Undefeated Running post from January about charity teams. Use your running talent to help others, run for something other than yourself. It is more rewarding than you could imagine... especially, during those tough miles. It is also a great way to connect with other runner's and have a somewhat different (in a good way!) marathon experience. Just look at how much fun the Fresh Air Fund Runner's are having in the pic above... they must be on mile 24.

So, are your ready to join the FRESH AIR FUND RUNNING TEAM?
PHONE: 212.897.8890

Monday, September 13, 2010


Finally! ARCADE FIRE has come out with another album... and Finally! I have found yet another exceptional song to run to that will be on my ipod shuffle for a looooong time. The song really builds for the first minute or so and then breaks into a driving rhythm with running lyrics. Arcade Fire has some other great songs to offer to running which you can find in the Amazon Undefeated Running Store.
Have listen (Sorry no video but you can really analyze the album cover)...

To buy this song from the AMAZON Undefeated Running Store click HERE!