Monday, June 14, 2010

Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run This Saturday!

It is the last weekend in June and time for the WESTERN STATES 100 MILE ENDURANCE RUN. I remember learning about Western States while skiing at Squaw Valley when I was a kid. SQUAW VALLEY is a ski resort in Lake Tahoe and also the start of this epic race. I skied there quite a bit growing up and the mountains always seemed so vast to me... they still do. Just going to the top of KT-22 was another world to a 10 yr old and hearing stories that men and women would run from here back to Auburn was unbelievable and almost scary to comprehend as youngster. I couldn't believe that there were people who could actually run and brave the wilderness from here (squaw valley) back to my favorite "on-the-way-to-tahoe" burger stop, IKEDA'S. It seemed SO FAR.
This Saturday June 26th, 500 runners from 21 different countries will be braving the Sierra Nevada's from Squaw Valley USA to the Auburn High School Track 100 Miles away. The Western States website (link above) will provide you with more than enough info about the event. Here's link to some of my favorite info: