Friday, March 26, 2010

Oakland Marathon this Sunday!

The OAKLAND MARATHON is back and is taking place this Sunday, March 28th! I know that there used to be one in the 80's because my Dad ran it. I'm trying to talk him into letting me sport his 1984 Oakland Half Marathon singlet when I run the half on Sunday... it's pretty cool, see above (pic coming soon... see twitpic to the right for now). On Sunday, there will 1000 people running the full and 3,400 running the half from 37 states and 6 nations. Oakland is an interesting city for a Marathon because of its dynamic reputation and demographic. This quote from the San Francisco Chronicle caught my eye. The race organizers are talking about the Baltimore marathon because it is demographically similar to Oakland... "In Baltimore, when we run through less-than-spectacular areas, crowd support tends to be very large," said Lee Corrigan, president of Corrigan Sports, the promoter of the Oakland Running Festival who also plans the Baltimore run. "It's an expression of civic pride and the whole city turns out to support us." Read the rest of the article HERE. See you all on Sunday! Look out for Undefeated Running stickers!

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