Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brooks Green Silence Review

As some of you might know I am running the Big Sur Marathon on April 25th. As most of you don't know, I did not decide on which shoes to wear until last week. Since my recent move into some barefoot style running shoes, The Evo by Vivo Barefoot/Terra Plana, I decided to find some unstructured racing flats (not ready to go 26.2 in barefoot shoes yet). That's when I came across the BROOKS GREEN SILENCE. Staying true to their dedication to making more green products, Brooks launched the Green Silence this February. Every part of the shoe has a green element; soy based inks, their BioMoGo sole which breaks down 50 times quicker than average running shoe soles, plastic bottles make up the laces, gillies, mesh and tongue webbing. The Green Silence has about 48% as many parts as normal running shoes, uses 41% of the energy required and uses half of a liter less oil/pair. Get all the Brooks "Greening Info" in the BROOKS GREEN ROOM.

Not only are they green, these shoes are also exceptional racing flats. They are very light, comfortable (spacious toe-box), breathable, and very flexible. They are also truly neutral and have a minimalist feel. I had an awesome first run in them, 10 fast miles.

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