Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marin Headlands 22.5 Miler

I have the fortune to live in one of the best running regions in the world, the San Francisco Bay Area. On Saturday (2/26/11) I went for a 22.5 Miler through the Marin Headlands which included about 4,500' elevation gain and an equal amount of descent (I think I was on flat ground for only about a half mile total!). It was a great training run for the American River 50 Miler and it also covered some of the Miwok 100K Race Route. My legs are burning today and I feel great. I brought my iPhone 4 with me and captured some of the views. The Marin Headlands (like most of the Bay Area) is a great place to run and hike because of the exceptional views and dynamic terrain. I covered ground from the beach up thru coastal trails, down through lush stream riddled switch backs, through a zen center and farm (Green Gulch Zen Center and Farm) and through some horse stables. I also ran down one coastal trail following a mountain biking unicyclist... luckily we hit some flat ground and I was able to catch a pic of him before he took off (see image below). Hope you enjoy the images (click on them for larger versions!).  

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