Monday, May 24, 2010

Running Recovery; Rebooting My Body and Mind... even if you don't want to!

Recently, I've been on a little, somewhat forced, running hiatus. The past few weeks have been filled with some interesting muscular issues, traveling, and friends in town. This "time-off" reminded me that sometimes you actually become a better runner when you're not running. It's valuable to step back from anything you do and analyze it.

Since running the Big Sur Marathon, I have been experiencing quite a few unusual (for me) muscular issues; leg cramps (hamstring and calf), plantar fasciitis and a really bad lower back situation that lasted for 2 days. Everything is clearing up but it was definitely a good reality check about the importance of taking a step back and recovering properly.

After the Marathon, I skipped too many short runs and cross training. I was drinking more alcohol and still heading out for 10+ hilly miles and not recovering properly. I crashed and burned. I was forced to stop running and doing any kind of training for the past 4 days. This was difficult because like most 30 yr old males I enjoy feeling invincible! I took these 4 days in stride (like a long run) and tried to put the time to good use. Now I am ready to come back stronger. I have been reading ChiRunning (to find out what the hype was all about) and some other running books. I am focusing on what running means to me and how I will move forward from this low point. In addition to my muscles feeling ready to move, my running "head space" is refreshed and I know this will power me through some high mileage. I'm back.

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  1. Found you on FB. Glad I did. Love the website and glad you are back! I came back stronger after an injury and layoff from running. Good mental break too