Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Peanut Butter and Avocados!!

Peanut Butter (and almond butter and nuts in general) and Avocados are excellent endurance and recovery foods. Most of you probably know this but for the ones that don't now you do! I always eat peanut butter and/or avocados on days that i will be doing longer runs. Since I have been doing this I have noticed a significant improvement especially once I get into the higher mileage. For me that is upwards of 13 miles. The protein, mono and poly-unsaturated fat is what makes these foods great. Here is a link to one nutritionist Top 10 Foods for Endurance. Here's a link to Peanut Butter as Running Food. And here's a link to if you want to get up on your avo-knowledge or just vibe about with some great avo-pics and people.

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