The Undefeated Running Blog is dedicated to promoting running culture. Whether you are an elite runner, beginner, middle of the packer, day dreamer, smoker, drinker, swimmer, cyclist, or everything rolled into one, YOU are a part of running culture.

Undefeated Running is not dedicated to keeping you updated on my training life. Although you will find some of that here. Undefeated Running is about being an individual runner but part of a bigger running culture. It is about the feeling that you get when your toes are on the starting line at 6AM and knowing what it took to step up to that moment. It is about the person standing next to you having that same feeling... unless they didn't train enough! Undefeated Running is about capturing those moments and all of the moments that brought you to those points.

It is the journey and the challenge that make running great. Check out MY PROFILE for more. Enjoy!