Monday, January 25, 2010

Run for something other than yourself!

With the effects of the Earthquake still taking its toll in Haiti, people around the world and especially here in the US have put forth significant philanthropic efforts in spite of our current economic hardships. It is uplifting and inspiring to see people donating their time and/or money to help others in need even if their means to help are little.

Even though we cannot all rush into the disaster zone and offer hands on help, and for some of us donating even $1.00 is too much, there are still ways to help people in need. Running for a charity is a great way to do it. There are quite a few charities that you can help raise money for by running a race. TEAM IN TRAINING, TEDY'S TEAM for the AMERICA HEART ASSOC, AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY's TEAM ACS, just to name a few. Marathons also parnter with charities and supply them with bib numbers to give to their runners. Here are some links to Charity Team section of the Boston Marathon, NYC Marathon, and Chicago Marathon.

I ran for Tedy's Team once and it was an awesome experience. I would advise that you actually try to raise the money instead of just "writing the check". I had a great experience reaching out to friends and family and receiving their support to help a great cause as well as run a marathon. It was an emotional and inspirational experience. Stroke and heart disease has affected my family directly and you also learn about your teammates stories and experiences as well. One runner on our team was a multi-stroke survivor who was running with his daughters during their first marathon.

Does anyone know of any running charities that are benefiting Haiti? Would anyone be interested in joining a team that raised money for Haiti (maybe for NYC Marathon, SF Marathon, Chicago, or any other summer/fall marathons)?

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