Thursday, January 14, 2010

One foot in front of the other to the finish line!

I once asked a multi-marathoner and ironman what was his best piece of advice for someone who was about to run their first marathon (that was me). He replied, "left, right, left, right". It sounds funny at first but he was serious and he is right. That is the most important thing about running a marathon, reaching any goal, or overcoming any challenge. Somewhere between mile 4 and 6 on every Marathon or run that is 20+ miles I get a feeling where my stomach drops and I think, "I am making progress but will I make it to the end?" I start focusing on the run itself again, left, right, left, right and the feeling goes away within a second or two.

The Earthquake and subsequent devastation that has hit Haiti has made any idea that I had for a blog entry seem shallow. Today I woke up thinking about what if I was in a disaster situation like the Haitians are in now? What would I do? My mind went to running and I began translating my marathon running mentality into survival skills. Left, right, left, right.    

I was in the 1989 Earthquake here in San Francisco. I was nine. I can't say that I completely understand what Haiti is going through but I have a pretty good idea. It is quite a jarring feeling when the earth shakes and rumbles beneath you. You feel VERY small. Although certain parts of San Francisco were destroyed there was no where near the destruction that Haiti is facing today. I know the Haitians are diving into what needs to be done and at some point each one will think, at least for a second, "We are making progress but can we make it to the end?" To overcome this whole experience is daunting and 1000x harder than reaching any marathon's finish line. I hope that the Haitians are able to continue rebuilding and pushing forward one foot after the other. Here's a LINK to an inspirational story about a mother and her son running their first marathon together in honor of a loved one.  They are running the Chevron Houston Marathon this Sunday.

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  1. you write beautifully. you captivate me with your words and you are so thoughtful..


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