Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Running at Kezar Stadium Last Night

So i went out to try the Yasso 800's last night at Kezar Stadium. It was a lot of fun because there were so many runners and running clubs there. I'm usually out on the road or trails by myself... I prefer to run solo. But this was pretty cool to see all of these runners together. There were some impressive folks out there too! My average 800 time was 3:37. I'm going to incorporate these into my training once/week until I qualify for Boston!


  1. Hey Adam!

    I gotta say Yasso's are one of my favorite workouts ever. I'm not sure I could handle them once a week though. Have you heard that if you do sets of 10 your average pace for the last few in minutes and seconds is a pretty solid predictor for your marathon pace in hours and minutes? It was pretty close to true for me. Good luck with training and keep up the good work on the blog! (I'm running a half this weekend and came here for some inspiration).

  2. Thanks or the insight Anne!! I hope the half went well!


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